LYD PORT aim to create breathtaking experiences in sound that engage in the world and the creatures on it.

In LYD PORT we are investigating space, shape and presence in our work, how electronic sounds and syntheses become taktile merged with strings, acoustics and vocal characters. Themes of understanding the similarities and differences that brings us together and tear us apart, in countries, nature, culture, language, and one-on-one. We move in a genre fluid field both in our project LYD PORT and in our different solo projects, our ambition is to create a world of different and versatile sound experiences.
Throughout our personal close relation, our collaboration is based on closeness and the contrast in the meeting of two souls. We are taken by expressing these meetings in our sound, laying our compositions with contrast and creating tensions and stories for the listernes to dig deeper into. 

Mai Ane Pil was in 2017 representing Denmark at the UNM Festival in Reykjavik. At the festival she performed her piece PAPER M A C H E, a piece written for various of paper. She has been a member of the experimental orchestra Kvindebandet. Under the European Culturekapital 2017 she composed music and soundcollages for the event Aarhus Walks On Water, later that year she received an award from Danish Art Foundation for one of the best releases in 2017.

Morten Schmidt has composed for various of New Cirkus and theater with TinCanCompany and Fantasma. He has toured Scandinavia with his two bands SOLÁR and Melodio, where he intertwined his violin and vocal in a mix of electronic and folk. He works with improvisation both with vocals where he has been parting CircleRiverSongs and as a performer.

LYD PORT was founded in 2017 by composers Mai Ane Pil Siedentopp and Morten Schmidt. They both graduated from Electronic Music and Sound Art at The Danish National Academy of Music.

Their recent works includes a stone sculpture for the project UNESCO World Heritage Centre at Stevns, where they created the piece Under Lag, that merged the synthetic plexiglass with the local grainstone.

A theme they often work with is the contrast between the synthetic and the organic. This theme is also unfolded in the project Macro Plastic The Laboratory, which is a development project for an upcoming electro-opera performance they will write and stage in 2020 at the opera house Den Fynske Opera in Denmark.
In this project they explore in visual, texture in sound and in text, the impact of plastic pollution.

In 2019 they will be a part of the residency project “Human and Wind” in the north of Denmark, they will contribute with their choir work for the local voices.

picture by Kristoffer Juel